Iris laevigata 'Weymouth Midnight'

Iris laevigata 'Weymouth Midnight'

Iris Versicolor 'Between the Lines'

Iris Versicolor 'Between the Lines'

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We are delighted you have taken the time to visit our website and hope that here you will find that special plant for your pond or wetland area.

Rare Plants

Roadford Water Gardens is a small nursery on the edge of Roadford Lake in Devon and specialises mainly in irises that thrive in boggy or wet soil. Some of the plants we sell are increasingly difficult to find. We hope that by making them available to buy through our website they will continue to grace gardens for many years to come. All irises and water lilies are increased by division so that provenance is guaranteed. Some plants are more common but just as beautiful. So they too are offered through our website, and will make colourful, easy-to-grow additions to any bog garden or pond.

Mail Order

Browse through our mail order plant list and imagine how these magnificent flowers could enhance your pond, bog garden, damp meadow, lake or stream. Water iris species include iris pseudacorus, iris laevigata, iris versicolor, iris virginica and iris fulva - all irises which can grow in shallow water  -  and iris ensata which grows in the bog garden rather than the pond. The range of plants is huge, so if you do not see the iris you are looking for on our website, please ask. 

The Rowden Collection

We have John and Galen Carter of Rowden Gardens to thank for increasing the variety of water irises available. They created a superb selection of irises at their nursery in Devon, some of which are now available through this website.

Baby Water Lilies

We also offer a small range of delightful miniature water lilies suitable for small ponds and tubs.

Blog Spot

Much needed rain

Much needed rain

Well at least we don't have to do any watering!

The great thing about water plants is that once they are planted, they don't need watering at all. Just one more very good ecological reason for adorning your outside space with a water feature and pond plants.

Irises are my favourite and seem to draw the dragonflies from miles around. Water lilies help to keep the water from heating up too much.
Marsh marigolds bring late winter colour to the pond as well as providing an important early source of food for flying insects. Shallow areas of water are enjoyed by the birds too.